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RX 5500 xt nitro+ se driver crashes in warzone and valorant

Question asked by itzbubzz on Sep 10, 2020


win 10 64 pro- all up to date

msi x570 gaming plus

ryzen 5 3400g

sapphire rx 5500 xt nitro+ se

thermaltake 3200 16gb ram

1tb wd black ssd

1tb wd black hdd

650w thermaltake toughpower argb psu

thermaltake aio 280 cpu cooler

AOC cq27g2 monitor

trying to load into warzone and or valorant under any settings causes a dev 6068 crash code in warzone and a graphics driver crash error in valorant, nothing OC as of right now, sometimes the entire system reboots, other times the game just crashes, have tried most fixes recommended throughout google searches and youtube videos, tried manually installing driver only without radeon software to no avail. curious if there is a fix for this yet and/or is AMD addressing this issue or are they just letting their customers hang out and keep contemplating why they didnt go with intel?


windows drivers all up to date, code is always the same regardless of troubleshooting, and the crash is sporadic timing in the games.