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Ryzen 3700X cycle of temp spikes

Question asked by jb221 on Sep 8, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by fyrel

My processor seems to be stuck in a loop. I'm watching the temps reported from my motherboard and it drops to about 47C and then spikes up to 60, drops to 47 over about 10 seconds and then jumps back up to 60, forever. The only program I have running is the hardware monitor. I've installed the latest chipset from MSI, I've tried enabling the "AMD Ryzen Balanced" and I have yet to see temps drop below 46C EVER. I've tried setting my minimum CPU to 1% and no change. Why are my temps/CPU usage spiking like clockwork? I've heard others saying their idle temp on the stock cooler can drop into the 30-40C range, but mine seems to be unable to reach these levels.


Should I be concerned? What could be causing it to endlessly go through this cycle? It was doing this when all I had installed was windows and drivers so it doesn't seem to be a rogue program.