AMD Phenom ii x4 955 Core temp clock issues

Discussion created by iamheroforfun on Sep 9, 2020
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Hello sorry i am new to forum after i couldnt get everything what i wanted to know so i am just gonna ask it here so yeah lets start.

 specs :-

CPU - amd phenom ii x4 955 stock cooler

Gpu - GT440 1gb ddr3 128bit asus

Motherboard - Gigabyte 78lmt s2p version 1.3

Ram - 2x4= 6gb ram

i will tell issue with some pictures

this is the default settings as u can see voltage control everything is at auto nothing changed.

and this picture is of pc health status and do u see the vcore its just high and others too.

if i change some of it like

as u see not much changed i undervolted more but pc shuts off to take this sample picture i kept at minimal


and in windows its shows different here are pics in windows default settings

as you see here coretemp shows 1.4 vcore cpu as it is and cpuHM its default so i used amd overdrive little changes

i dropped slightly and it shows effect in temp and everywhere can anyone tell me is this a issue i should be worried about or what ever it is just let me know and yeah i know above 1.4 vcore is issue but i am using this pc for more than a year i did built it from scrap yard gives me 100 stable fps in 3.3 ghz in valorant with default as u can see it has high temp and it kinda not much little stutter and temp is you know and i did test it didnt cross 57 degree in valorant or with toothpaste it went 81 and  idle 65 and increasing. like its been 3 days i changed thermal paste before that it ran on toothpaste for 2 days and temp was higher before that and with toothpaste too like above 60 always with toothpaste it went 81 i didnt let it go more changed its as soon possible.