HD7670M big problem

Discussion created by vernexis on Sep 8, 2020
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what can i say, i have problems with graphics for over 3 years, and sometimes wondering or trying to fix that.

Graphics that i'm going to tell about, looks great ishelf in my notebook Samsung NP350V5C-S0DPL, but someday after one update, without any artifacts on screen, just stop working. When today, i was trying after reseting bios to default, nothing changed. I literaly trying lot of things, but don't have space to install other system to check is that still working tho. I were changing paste every 3-4 months, and idk, maybe it shouldn't but graphics doesn't have any tints on it.

When i was trying to install directly via files display drivers and etc. i just got an error that tells me that:

"This package is not copatible with the platform of MS you are running. This application will now abort."

Maybe it's means something, maybe not, but it is, so i think that updates that were applyied to this model of notebook, weren't that good as it should. When i'm trying to install drivers via Catalyst or Crimson, installer pass to the end of process, i can see that Device Management detected this card, but nothing happens at all, the only one thing that installing is 20mb installing package... I was trying to update motherboard/bios etc. but still no effects. Excluding that Samsung doesn't support this model anymore, and driver settings are for win 7/8/8.1, and win 10 doesn't have support. Also if it may be a problem, my battery is not working as it should, always staying on 0% charge.


Hope you can understand me, even if my English isn't the worst. Also hope that i can finally solve this problem :/




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