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Discussion created by whodat on Sep 7, 2020
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Hello. I want to see if anyone has contact information be it phone numbers and or email addresses for AMD Corporate Office, preferable H.R. Ruth Cotter.


I have reached out to AMD on their Facebook Post, Messenger, Tec. Support, and filed a claim (ticket # 784701) as per Tec. Support advise.  AMD has not responded to any of my attempts to communicate about an AMD contest on Facebook Philippines that I believe to be racist, divisive, and discriminative.


I follow Facebook Philippines because I have been living in Metro Manila for the past five years.  I was preparing to build a new high end AMD computer and one of the componets I was pricing was a PowerColor GPU.  Low and behold, AMD Facebook PH is running a contest for a PowerColor GPU.  My eyes lit up, that would be a savings of around $800, US price is $599 but you need to add shipping and import taxes.  I reached the final rule of the compitition and my jaw dropped.  Rule #7  "7. This promo is APPLICABLE FOR FILIPINO citizens only.".


Rule 7 struck a nerve.  To me, the wording is racist "FILIPINO" defines a race. AMD does not say citizens of the Philippines, which would include many races.  If AMD wanted to run the promo for logistical reasons, AMD should have worded the promo for residents of the Philippines but AMD wrote FILIPINO in bold.  I cannot ignor that the promo discriminates against everyone that is not a FILIPINO citizen, so divisive.


Does AMD realize that discriminating against me will push me to buy Intel; this is bad business.  I believe others will feel the same.


I would like to open communications with AMD before it is too late for the contest.  My next step will be to reach out to Ruth Cotter on Linkedin.


Does anyone else believe rule 7 to be racist, divisive, and disrciminative? Does anyone have contact information for AMD Corporate Office? 


Is this the way an American company should behave in a foreign country?  Is this "AMD's Culture" to "Fair and Open Competition"?