3900x monitoring issue

Discussion created by kinutsunne on Sep 8, 2020

Hi everyone, I have this processor since 1 month only, the only "strange thing" I made into it was to activate Asus's bios performance mode and maybe this thing happen until then (currently deactivated and again in normal mode but still broken).

My cpu shows a base clock speed of 4Ghz everywhere and real time monitoring just doesn't work.

Also the cpu specification now is AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 4ghz instead of 3.8 it was at the beginning

I have power balance in AMD balanced

my specs: 

asus tuf gaming X570-plus (wifi) 

SMBIOS version: 3.2 (04/01/2020)

Windows 10 pro


This is how my pc shows the current core speed (the BIOS shows a real time 4GHz too)


the ONLY way to truly know the clock speed is with Ryzen master. 


I'm a little bit lost, works fine but I just cant monitoring anything and this change on the general specification of the cpu makes me worry about it I mean, it's brand new .