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Cant temove old storemi and install new storemi

Question asked by chrisb123 on Sep 7, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by chrisb123

I'm having an issue removing the old storemi v1.5 and replacing it with the new storemi v2, it insists it is installed and refuses to updated because of that. I have a X470 motherboard

The drive is a data drive not the windows OS boot drive

I disabled fast tier so everything is on the slow tier

Then uninstalled it all, seemed to work just fine, reboot fine, no indication storemi is running

But can't install new storemi.

So I read somewhere you have no choice but to delete the slow drive...

So I shrink the partition and copy everything across to the second partition on the same drive, 15 hours later it finished

I delete the original slow drive partition, reboot

Still can't install new storemi.

Why does it think the old storemi is running? preventing me from installing the new storemi

How can i even tell if its running?

I deleted the AMD/storemi folder

What else can i delete uninstall change copy, format to get this working?

I might as well start wasting even more time copying to a network drive.... ehhhhh