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Can't get 1080i working on my Sony Bravia (2nd monitor on RX 5700 XT Red Devil)

Question asked by rittmeister39 on Sep 6, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2020 by thwomp


The best resolution I can get working on my 2nd monitor (SONY Bravia KLV-S32A10E) is 720p.

When I switch to 1080i /60 in Windows, the TV screen goes completely nuts.

It was working 100% on my old Graphics Card (GTX1060), and even worked on my Raspberry Pi with Linux and Kodi, but now I have a 5700XT Red Devil and the Adrenaline Drivers just don't seem to get it working.

I tried making a custom resolution, but nothing with 1920x1080 gets accepted, although I already know that the TV can do 1080i /60 from my previous Nvidia card...

Some screenshots attached showing 720p working, and how screwed up 1080i /60 looks...

Please tell me how to get 1080i, I like the card, and don't want to sell it again and buy an RTX3070 instead...


(my 1st monitor runs at 1080p/60 and is an iiyama Blackhawk, but that doesn't really matter)