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svr 2019 / dda / wx4100

Question asked by hbarlet on Sep 6, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2020 by elstaci


my configuration :

serveur 2x xeon 4215 - 64GB RAM

hyperv W2019 - VM guest os W2019

radeon pro wx4100


testing video and driver 19.Q3 ok on physical installation.

now confuguring wx4100 with dda, video can be assigned on VM. Installation of radeon pro drvier 19.q3 is occur whitout errors. after rebooting VM, i have an error 43 launching drivers.

trying to install most recent driver gener an error 43 during installation.

WX4100 is conpatible with W2019 and DDA ?

do you know list of graffic card compatible with W2019 and DDA ?