Vram extremely high as well as Vram clockspeed

Discussion created by djstechnologist on Sep 5, 2020
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MY specs are 

Rx 5700 xt (red devil) 8 gb vram

ryzen 5 3600

16 gigs of coursair ram (forgot which ones)

700 watt PSU 

MSI Optix G27C2 monitor 144 hz 1 ms response

Samsung LC24RG50 monitor 144hz 4 ms response

both connected with DP cables


I am trying to figure out how to get my Vram and Vram clock speed down, anytime i run a game my clock speed goes to 1750 which is base for the RX i've had instances when the PC is at idle that i have 6 gigs of Vram running and max clock speed, and playing a game it went up to 10 gigs, i never had high clock speeds and Vram usage until i plugged in the second monitor, any advice on how to fix, i've managed to fix the idle by manually keeping the Clock speed at 200 and that seems to work, but the moment i start anything it spikes drastically, i don't want to fry my GPU or cause damage, i believe it is a problem with connecting the second monitor, and i have tried all different types of refresh rates on my monitors and no changes. anyone have any advice for dual monitor setups that dont cause your GPU to freak out??? and i am now suffering frame rate drops from 170 ish down to 60 but the main monitor is set at 144htz so idk whats going on here lol.