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sapphire nitro+ se rx 5700 xt 8gb black screen, reboot + errors in games

Question asked by potatosan777 on Sep 5, 2020
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I've got this gpu from june since i've built my pc and I updated my bios, my amd drivers and my windows and my directx.


Once I start a game and play a fair amount of time, like 1-2 hours I can hear a Clank noise coming from my gpu and then poof, possible error in every single game i tried or if i'm unlucky black screen and reboot usually the error was about directx runtime library or whatever and second was that the gpu has crashed! If it doesn't reboot and I get the error, everything thats video, has flickering and artifacts. I used HDMI and Display port, same result. I'm quite fed up with this, I can't play games, can't stream, can't do anything oh yeah and If i try to open Amd software radeon it's not responding. Can't return it either, 30 days of return has gone. How can I fix this annoying problem that has been with me since I built the system? PLEASE someone help me with this! Thank you!





My specs

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

MSI Meg X570 ACE

2x16 GB RAM DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600Mhz X-AMP Enabled

Intel 660p 2 TB ssd nvme m.2

PSU Corsair RMx 750 80+ Gold 750W

Sapphire Nitro+ SE RX 5700 XT 8GB

Monitor LG 27GL850-B 144hz