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PC build with R5 3600, B550 Tomahawk, CPU EZ Debug led is red and pc not starting

Question asked by leksious on Sep 4, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2020 by mstfbsrn980

Full build:

R5 3600, cooler from box

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk

Corsair 16GB (2x8) Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200Mhz CL16

MSI Geforce RTX 2070Super Gaming X Trio

Corsair 650W RM650 80 Plus gold


I have checked cables again and again, reinstalled cpu and cooler once but MB debug detects problem with CPU. Do i have a reason to believe my CPU is broken or are there still some things to check before. I do not have another AM4 compatible mobo or CPU. Is there a way to confirm if MB is at fault and not CPU?


B550 has support for 3000 so it's not about bios either.