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Hoping someone can me figure why computer keeps rebooting itself. Event Error 18, WHEA-Logger.

Question asked by brownan on Sep 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2020 by brownan

Hi All,

Over the past week or so my computer has randomly rebooted itself 3 times. Event viewer shows the following error pictured below each time.

The PC does not blue screen. The screens just go black and then reboot.

I'm running a Crosshair VIII Hero MoBo, 3700x and RTX 2070 Super. The details are in my user flair.

I've tried the following to attempt to fix this:

-Update BIOS

-Updated Chipset Drivers

-Ran DDU twice and reinstalled the GPU drivers

-Ran Prime95 Blend test for an hour to test the RAM. Got 0 errors on all workers.

-Turned off PCIe power management in the Ryzen Balanced power plan settings.

-Temps are fine. I monitor them with HWiNFO64 and Rainmeter.


I'm not really sure what else to do? I could start an RMA but I don't know which piece of hardware is the issue. I did read on the AMD community forums that its usually CPU or RAM related but I don't which one.