XMP profile RAM 3200 Mhz and AMD warranty policy for Ryzen processors

Discussion created by peterq94 on Sep 2, 2020
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Dear AMD Community,


I have question about warranty policy for Ryzen processors (3-rd generation) reference to XMP profile for RAM memory. If I enable XMP profile 1,35 V and 3200 Mhz speed I will lost my warranty for AMD Ryzen processor? This recommended speed - 3200 Mhz for 3-rd generation Ryzen processor is reference only for JEDEC specification memory? I must know about it. You can past some links from AMD website to prove your knowledge about this.


Maybe people from AMD can answer for this question? XMP memory are very popular now but people don't say that this can be problem with warranty. On AMD YouTube channel also these memory are very popular. I don't find video on AMD channel with JEDEC memory.

Thanks for your time.