Radeon rx 5600 xt black screen flash

Discussion created by jmcginley23 on Sep 2, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by benman2785

Recently built my gaming computer with a ryzen 5 3600, gigabyte b450m aorus elite, with a gigabyte radeon rx 5600 xt.  It was running fine up until about last week when i moved the graphics card from the 4x pci slot to the 16x pci slot and updated from 20.7.2 to 20.8.2.  After i did both of these i started noticing that my screen with randomly flicker black after about 30 seconds of being logged in.  I have tried changing the pci slot in the bios as well as rolling back my drivers and then updating them to 20.8.3 nothing seems to have worked.  Any suggestions is appreciated!