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5700 XT Something wrong with the HDMI. Washed out colors, audio issues...

Question asked by joni_78 on Sep 2, 2020
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Long time Radeon user. My first GPU was 3DFX 3000 something but after that I've always bought Radeon just because it has always worked.


Anyway, I thought it's time to upgrade my passive Radeon HD 7750 and I bought RX 5700 XT. I don't play that much, mostly entertainment like Blu-rays, DVDs and streaming so PQ is important to me. I bought a quality HDMI cable that supports 8k also, even though it's an overkill for my TV.


I noticed immediately that the sound cuts off all the time and there is a long thread about it here. So I've been trying to get it working for couple of days now. I soon found the long thread here about it and was just mad that this issue has been for over a year now and it's still not fixed. I guess it is a hardware problem and can't be fixed with drivers.


Well there is a good thread about the audio issue but there seems to be other problems with HDMI also and I thought if anyone has had similar issues with HDMI on this GPU or 5000 series generally.


My TV is 6000€ calibrated TV and it has Pixel Format settings Auto, Full, Limited. I'm connecting 5700 XT directly with HDMI cable and I have a clean install of Win10 2004 + latest Adrenalin. If I change the Pixel format in Adrenalin to RGB Full my TV detects it as Limited when the setting is in Auto mode. If I change it to Limited in Adrenalin then my TV detects the signal as Full. For example Full on Adrenalin and Limited (on Auto) in TV everything is really washed out. If I manually change it to Full in TV, then everything is really dark for example Windows taskbar is black. There seems to be serious pixel format issues in all Pixel Format modes and it's impossible to get correct colors with any combination anymore. I've been fighting with this issue for three days now and I have to give up and return this to store. I removed the 5700 XT and I'm using 7750 again and everything is perfect again and I have the calibrated PQ back.


I tested this also with new MacBook Pro 16" with Radeon GPU and HDMI. For example Netflix on MacBook display and connected to the TV with HDMI is perfect, and black levels match on all of these combinations.


-MacBook internal display + HDMI to TV. On both displays black levels are identical to each other

-PC with 7750 and HDMI to TV is identical to MacBook display + HDMI from MacBook into TV


With 5700 XT everything is overly washed out or way too dark.


Joker on Netflix is perfect example. On calibrated display with correct Pixel Format setting on Adrenalin and TV, when in the beginning of the movie the red logo zooms in everything else around the logo should be black or almost black not grey. Also on 2:01:27 you should see all the detail below the bench on the right side and below the sink on the left, not black.


I'm just so frustrated with this.