Input not supported - Unable to get into BIOS after Driver Update

Discussion created by bcrcoto on Aug 30, 2020
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I finished a clean OS installation and I was working on getting everything updated.


After installing all the updates available via Windows Update, I wanted to check the AMD website; I was looking for the latest graphics driver and I found this:


- I installed: "Auto-Detect and Install Release Date 8/27/2020"

- it installed version 20.4.2 (05-15-2020)


After installing that, my system restarted and now I get a message "Input not supported" from my monitor as soon my system turns on, and I became unable to see the Gigabyte logo or access BIOS.


I get picture after a couple of seconds, when the Windows boot process starts, and the computer boots normally, everything fine except for that little message and BIOS access...


My computer has all this time been connected via HDMI to my Monitor (no adapters).


I disconnected the HDMI and connected a VGA cable and I get picture, see the logo, can access BIOS, boots normally and I can do whatever, but for some reason I became unable to use HDMI to access BIOS or see the splash screen gain.


This is what I have tried:

- Tested the monitor's port and HDMI cable with my PS4 and it works fine.

- Reset monitor settings

- Uninstalled that driver and restarted.

- boot in safe mode.

- Checked BIOS for something/anything?(using VGA) 

- Installed the latest version, 20.8.3, but here is worse... no picture at all just that message, so I went back to 20.4.2.




A320M S2H v2 

Acer Vg270

Windows 10 Home (64)


Any ideas?