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3400G failing to boot windows after adrenaline install

Question asked by methom90wh on Sep 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2020 by sharktroich

My windows 10 has stopped working after the lastest version of adrenaline was installed.  Even worse, I tried to load off the Win10 USB stick I used to build it a month or two ago and hat won't even load properly. I've reflashed the BIOS, reset the CMOS jumpers and generally done the obvious stuff.

When I try and boot the Win10 USB (or from the SSD) I think it's failing and then booting from the SSD.  When the SSD tries to start I get this strange screen. It'll go pale blue then the strange characters appear 1 by 1. Then finally the QR code and a few seconds later a reboot.

Have run memtest and discovered one of my memory modules has errors. Have removed that but the problem persists. This probably explains the occasional reboot I was getting. I'm going to leave memtest running on the other module for a few hours just to be sure.

boot image


CPU : AMD Ryzen 3400G
M/B : ASUS strix m-itx gaming I
Mem : G.SKill Trident Neo F4-3600C16D 2 x 16GB
SSD : Samsung 970 Evo plus nvme
HDD : 2 x WD RED 3TB
Cooler : Cooler Master ML120R AIO
GPU : Not used (just a desktop no gaming)
Power Supply : Phanteks 1200w

Any help would be greatly appreciated.