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Still no gamma

Question asked by a-amd-user on Aug 31, 2020

It hurts (and piss me realy up for years) that i still have not the rudimentarest settings for videoplayback avialble. imo thats rly borring and poor. That was standard settings in all Videocards at least since Jear 2000. Why does the actuall Drivers does not have these absolutly essential thinks, instaead unneedable stuff like only hard Presets (the bigest waste) Non individual Settings, only brightness and contrast.

All Nvidia handle this, Catalyst handle this, Omega handle this, why not the actual dirvers (for years).


wana See what i mean?  Maybe Pictures says more than words, i have a example for you to show what i want to say.

(and hope that the developers understand what the people need?


Urgently-To-Amd-Developers — ImgBB 

(it will deleted automaticly after 30 Days)


(Sorry for my bad english, and bad words but im realy pissed about the situation) If this don't become soluted, i will never by a amd gpu angain, regadless, you get more power for less monney. (true)