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AMD/Radeon doesn't detect second GPU - but can see it in Device Manager

Question asked by sigggy on Aug 30, 2020

Hi guys, been looking around but could not see a question like this so I'd give this community a shot.


I am a single-monitor user and just recently decided to get a second to improve my productivity but when I went to use it I noticed that it wasn't working. During my troubleshooting I noticed that in my Radeon software settings it does not recognise the existence of my second GPU (it used to before as I use them for Crossfire in the few games that support it). BUT in Device Manager, Windows 10 sees that there are two GPUs hooked up and they both are functioning properly.


Additionally, during my futzing around with driver updates, both monitors flashed briefly indicating that the second GPU really is functional and able to be used but for some reason I cannot get AMD to recognise it.


I am using Windows 10 and Radeon Software 20.4.2 (I tried to go with the 20.8.3 update but I can't even get Radeon Software to open in that version). I've got 2 x R9 200 series cards in a 


Like I said, something changed recently because I used to be able to see both in the Radeon Software for a long time and it's just recently that I cannot anymore.


Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated. Apologies is this isn't the correct forum for this question.