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RX 5700XT VRAM test (10 minutes, almost a million errors detected)

Question asked by legedia_328 on Aug 30, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2020 by elstaci

I have been dealing with this GPU for over 8 months. I always had problems with blackscreens, crashes, freezings and hangs... The "symptoms" were always exactly the same, the game crashing and if the PC did not restart by itself and instead crashed to the desktop, I could see in the system tray how Radeon Software was restarting at that instant (because it had also crashed). When I opened it again, I could see how the GPU frequency was stuck at maximum (even if no program was using the GPU). It was always the same, this caused that I had to restart the PC anyway for the frequency to be restored. Also, I could see how in Event Viewer there were several app crashes and "LiveKernelEvent 141".Today I had the idea to download OCCT, however the first test I did was VRAM MemTest. During the first 5 minutes everything ran fine, with some freezes but I assumed it was because of the load that was on the VRAM. Then at about the 6th minute the PC had a freezing of about 7 seconds and then ... hundreds of thousands of VRAM errors registered by OCCT. Interestingly, the Radeon Software crashed (as when a game crashes) and when I reopened it ... yes, the GPU clock was stuck at max. And as if this were not enough ... I went to the Event Viewer and saw "AppCrash" and "LiveKernelEvent 141" errors. So, with the VRAM test I managed to "reproduce" exactly what happens when a game crashes.I would like to know your opinion on this. Is this OCCT test reliable? Can I assure with certainty that the problem is the VRAM?

I bought this GPU in December of last year through Amazon, so it has been a big mistake of mine all this time not having done this test before the return window closed, however, is it possible that they will let me return it, for a replacement or for a refund if I contact them by chat?

Thank you very much in advance to all of you, honestly this test made me feel happy and sad at the same time, because (I think) I finally found the issue, but at the same time it is a serious one and it means that my GPU is physically damaged.

PS: the GPU is an XFX THICC III Ultra