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5700XT Nitro+ Black screen during gameplay at random

Question asked by epsilon423 on Aug 29, 2020

System details as follows


ASRock B450 Steel Legend (SMBIOS V3.2)
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X (Idle temp according to Ryzen Master is between 29c-38c then under load I have never seen it exceed 55c)
Corsair Vengeance 16gb @ 3200mhz (XMP set to 3200 via bios)
Corsair RMX 850@ Gold+
Sapphire Radeon 5700XT Nitro+ 8gb (Idle temp according to Adrenaline is 32 to 34c, haven't seen it break 72c under load) (Driver is 20.8.3)
Monitors (Samsung C24F390 (72 or 75hz refresh rate and Vizio E241i-B1 60hz) connected via HDMI
Windows 10 64-bit Ver "10.0.19041.423"

This seems to happen at random points in time, doesn't matter what game I am playing. I will be playing and suddenly the screen will flicker black. Unlike some of the black screen issues I have been reading about mine will either crash me to the desktop, or the game will still be playing but my screen will be black and sound will be the only thing I get. The time that it takes to happen varies, it can be less than 5 minutes in, or it can be a couple of hours in, but when it happens anything that I have opened has to be closed through task manager in order for it to function again. I've tried doing DDU, I don't have my RX580 (that is being RMA'd), and I don't have a way to test this card in another PC. Anyone have any suggestions? Oh yeah sometimes it BSODs and when it does I keep getting the same Wattman profile issue. No I haven't overclocked the card or any part of my PC besides the ram.