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LiveKernalEvent 144 causing temporary black screen

Question asked by summit on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by mstfbsrn980

I noticed this problem while the computer is mostly idle while I'm watching videos or sitting at the desktop. The screen will turn black for a moment and once it returns any video players up are flat white until I refresh the browser. It never happens when the computer is under a heavy load while gaming. I've tried a handful of things from doing some research such as resetting Windows, DDU drivers + using older drivers, changing Nvidia power management settings, ran DISM /Online/Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth along with DISM /Online / Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth, reseated the GPU along with making sure all cables are secured.

I can't confirm (I never looked at problem reports before) but the first time I caught the system doing this was a day or so after installing the SN750. What stops me from backing everything up again and uninstalling it is the fact that 144 & 14 errors seem to be attached to device resets. I've been told the IO die in Zen 2 cpus are usually a primary source of both because the pcie link is unstable due to defects.


System specs -

  • Ryzen 5 3600x

  • Asus X470

  • LPX 16gb

  • RTX 2060 (446.14)

  • x2 860 Evos

  • x1 WD Blue SSD

  • x1 WD SN750

  • G3 550w