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AMD Radeon 530 can't change resolution of game

Question asked by samuel.santos on Aug 28, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by mo3ad16

Hello everyone, after I upgraded my AMD to the 2020 software, I am no longer able to change the screen resolutions for the games ... For example, in the 2019 software, I would go to the game and put it to keep the scale of the screen, thus making the entire screen full when I used an 800x600 resolution.

in this new software I could not find this option ... it seems that it has been removed and my friends who have AMD GPU and use the 2020 software, the "Screen" option is there ... so they can configure this.

questions they could ask:

Why don't you use the 2019 software?

answer: the game (Call of Duty) does not accept me using the old driver ...

Why do you want to use a resolution like this (800x600)?

answer: My device is a Dell Notebook with GPU AMD Radeon 530, so that I have more FPS, I lower the resolution so that I have more FPS

grateful to anyone who can help me.