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AMD GPU Power Monitoring, "TDP", and Radeon Performance Overlay Power Reporting.

Question asked by colesdav on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2020 by colesdav

I am seeing some very high power consumption numbers on RX5700XT GPUs I am testing. 
Can anyone tell me if AMD have improved Power Monitoring on RX5700XT versus what was done on Polaris GPUs?
Has any current shunt monitoring of GPU Input Current and therefore Power been added on any RX5700XT RDNA GPUs?


Is improved current monitoring going to be implemented on RDNA2 GPUs?


I cannot see how AMD GPUs will realistically compete on power consumption if it remains unmeasured and uncontrolled on the GPU PCB components.


As far as I understand it, Nvidia GPUs have been using current shunts to carefully monitor and control Total Board Power for a long time now,  wheras AMD GPUs, such as Polaris only have crude measurement of GPU Core input power. Everything else on AMD GPU card is uncontrolled and not measured, such as VRM power, Memory controller power, display output power etc. 


Buildzoid video here:
The differences in AMD's and Nvidia power monitoring - YouTube