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Radeon Software Host Application high CPU usage

Question asked by wolfpacifier on Aug 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by colesdav


I've a problem with Radeon Software Host Application process. On any driver newer that 20.4.2 (inlc. today's latest) this process utilize 15-20% of CPU all the time (gaming or idle). I don't use any video\streaming functions of Radeon Software. I tried to reinstall drivers with DDU and Radeon driver own clean installation option. I tried to recreate or relocate Relive folder like some tutorials claim it should fix high cpu usage issue. No success. Issue appears right after fresh installation. Last stable driver without this issues for me - 20.4.2.

Any way to install latest drivers for latest games and fix this issue (excluding what I've tried above, of course)?


RX 580

i7 4770

Win 10 2004 with latest updates