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Is this cooler a new cooler & processor?

Question asked by jgolde02 on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by mstfbsrn980

I bought a processor from a 3rd party amazon seller - listed as new condition (Ryzen 7 2700).  When it arrived the box was a little beat up and the packaging seems a bit dodgy - but the seal was sealed.   I opened the package to inspect the items and I noted the following:

* No inner box for the processor - just the plastic insert that looks like what the inner box contained on unboxing videos I have seen.  I'm not sure if there are multiple packaging types so this may not be an indication of anything.

* There are scratches on the copper interface to the processor and there is a small amount of debris in the thermal paste (see picture).


Two questions:

Can we definitely say based on my description above that this processor is not new or is new but has been repackaged?

Can we definitely say based on the photo of the cooler that the cooler is not new?   Or is this typical of the manufacturing process?


Is it worth the risk to try to install this processor at this point?   Should I clean the interface on the cooler and apply new paste given the debris?


Thank you in advance for your help!