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(Ryzen 5 3600) Where to watch CPU temps?

Question asked by highbpm on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by twerkthatboot

Well, Ryzen is a new experience for me. I don't know what temps to trust. The problem is: 3 progs report different temps for my CPU. MSI Afterburner and HWInfo64 show massive (7 to 12C) temperature spikes with temp slowly going down after them whereas Ryzen Master shows the minimal temps inbetween those spikes (e.g. MSI AB reports spikes from 55 to 65 while Ryzen Master draws an almost straight 55C line).

What is more interesting, in stress tests there are no temp spikes, a stable 75C line (probably, because it's around the same core clock and voltage), but in games (when there is always a micro autoboost of cores to 4200) Ryzen Master reports smth like 57-65C almost straight lines with rare (once 3-5 minutes when a new location is loading) spikes to 70C while soft like MSI Ab shows the spikes like in idle that happen every 2-3 seconds or so (e.g. from 57C to 67-70C, from 65C to 75-80C, even things like Cinebench or Prime95 didnt show temps that high).

Well the real question is "What program to trust?" and "What numbers should I use if I consider tuning my cooling system even more: AB/HWInfo's peak numbers or Ryzen Master's peak numbers?"