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Hello, I useed Ryzen Master on my Ryzen 3600x and now it's stuck idling at 3.8 Ghz not going back to sub 3.0 Ghz on idle. Can anyone please solve this? I've tried resetting CMOS and uninstalling Ryzen Master.

Question asked by agentofvictory on Aug 27, 2020
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As mentioned in the question, I recently built a Ryzen 3600x pc and was installed Ryzen Master. I tried the Game Mode profile which set my core clock at 3800 Mhz and and now it is not going back to default sub 3000 Mhz idling speeds. Can anyone help?? I've scoured the internet for the last hour and a half with no one satisfactory way to reset and remove its effects and revert back to normal. Help is greatly appreciated!