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Ryzen 3700 Wraith Prism Install - how far with lever?

Question asked by cjman on Aug 26, 2020

I noticed the latch lever assembly on the wraith prism cooler that came with my x3700 processer is a little different.  Unlike the old ones the latch piece that comes out of the cooler has a little detent (notch) in the middle for the cam.  In the old days where there was no detent (as shown on the AMD site),  I would move the latch all the way until was locked in a horizontal position that was parallel to the plane of the Motherboard.


This is still possible, however the detent allows a stop right before this so the lever has about a 30 degree angle from the horizontal plane, and seems to be locked.  Hoping to see what others were doing I watched multiple install videos.  About 60% illustrated pushing the lever past the detent to the horizontal position so it was level with the same plane as the mother board.  The rest stopped at the detent (30 degree angle from plane of MB) I originally thought it should be flat, but now I am not sure. As I mentioned the official AMD documentation appears to only show Wraith Prism latch assemblies with out the detent/notch and the lever all the way over to the horizontal position parrell with the MB plane.


I realize it probably doesn't make a lot of difference, but doe anyone know the proper locking position for the lever when the notch is present?