Why my PC loading like hell when i work on both editing soft were and wordpress?

Discussion created by stevesteal16 on Aug 23, 2020
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I have purchased (Radeon RX 480 4 GB) for My intel core i7 6th generation pc, being an editor and creator I have to work on various spontaneously, like adobe premiere, adobe photoshop, and illustrator, recently I face a very frustrating issue when I start rendering, my project my pc logging like hell though I am working on other things when my video is being rendered, particularly when I open clients website, WordPress editor, I when I investigate properly I found that my client's site is not secure it has several nulled plugins, I have scanned my pc with windows defender but people still exist also I have scanned my client website as well wit wp wordfence, is there any way to identify whether my pc is affected by the virus, I don't want to invest install another windows,