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HELP ME, Every day I get different cards, one day rm445 and the next day rm440, and my Premiere is crashing with GPU

Question asked by wells000 on Aug 22, 2020
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my notebook always had radeon rm445 ,, until one day I started my notebook and my premiere stopped working, I looked at the gpusniffer.exe and there was another card mentioned, the radeon rm440, with another setting panel... my premiere doesn't work anymore, and I need it for work. With the old setting panel, I could configure each program putting if I wanted high performance or not, but with the new interface I don't understand absolutely anything, and it doesn't mention software, but games either. SOMEONE CAN HELP ME ? I feel cheated, I bought a notebook with a card that works with premiere and it doesn't work anymore,,,


can I put the old setting panel (2019) ? or the old drivers ? thanks in advance