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current driver/software shows incorrect VRAM usage? (sky rocketing to 98% 7960mg usage when idle)

Question asked by staysmoovey on Aug 22, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by junglegn

date: 8/22/2020/ 4:21PM Sat

I experienced this issue last driver update and CURRENT driver update. If anything, this update didn't change anything.

My issue is, on the radeon software, it displays 80-95% VRAM usage when my computer is idle. As you can see from the image I attached...which is completely odd. Yes, I checked other things that could be running in the background. If anything, it shouldn't spike to 90+ vram usage when im using 1-8 gpu utilization? So... I ended up downloading a software known as ( GPU-Z) which monitors my gpu vram usage. I also referenced from task manager to check my VRAM GPU performance as well. Both have similar stats, which says im using 600-800 mb of vram. So, is the problem the amd software? Please help.



ryzen 7 3700x 

rx 5700xt 

windows 10

literally bought this pc 2 weeks ago.

1 monitor.

current drivers: