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Issue installing latest driver for FirePro M6000

Question asked by knwilliams24 on Aug 23, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by knwilliams24

I have a Dell Precision M6700 laptop. The AMD driver information is attached, but ultimately when I check for the driver updates it tells me a version from 2015 is the latest. I was having issues with running BlueBeam Revu 20 through my external monitors and so their support team reviewed my dxDiag file and noticed my AMD driver is 5 years old. When I attempt to install the driver or the Radeon software utility I get an OpenGL 2.0 error, but my version of OpenGL is at 4.5xxxx. My questions are this.


1. Should my driver be able to be updated, or is my driver truly at its max version?

2. Why would both installers not recognize I am running openGL 4.5? (OpenGL View screenshot attached to show versions of drivers and AMD card summary)


Any help is appreciated.