5600 XT Artifacts

Discussion created by odd12b on Aug 23, 2020

New computer (Ryzen 3600, Sapphire 5600 XT) and monitor (144hz, 2056x1440, 27"). Everything was fine for the first two hours, then I started getting red/blue pixels/artifacts moving across the screen. I have tested with different cable and monitor and the issue is still there (meaning it is not the monitor or cable) - used HDMI and DP. I have performed multiple clean installa using AMd removing tool and DDU. Safe mode etc. But issue still occurs with both drivers.. can someone please help. Here is a video of what I see:




Note that the video shows the pixels as grey instead of blue/red.. not sure that could mean. I'm starting to think it could be the GPU (have taken out and put back in securely).


Please help thank you.