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Dual PC streaming

Question asked by jmastrix on Aug 22, 2020
I recently bought a cheap capture card on Amazon to play around with. I've got it set up and the image quality is fine. 
I used windows to mirror my display 1 and have the capture card set up as display 3. I set the refresh rate of displays 1, 2 (monitor 2 is the same model as 1), and 3 to 144hz in an attempt to force 144 across all "displays." Both of my actual monitors are 144hz.
My FPS is being capped in-game (Warzone) @ 120fps. It seems that the FPS is effectively doubling my capture card refresh rate. Is there a way to work around the capping @ 120hz?
Nvidia has screen mirroring built in to their software to work around this from what I've seen. I'm just wondering if there anything I'm missing in the Radeon software that could help me out. Am I missing something in Windows or Radeon software?
I realize that the capture card can only capture 60hz regardless of forcing 144. Both of my monitors are freesync, if that matters. Also, I realize that 120hz is still good, but I'd like to use the full capability of my monitor if possible.
I'm on 20.5.1beta drivers currently.