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Persistent corruption in OpenGL shader cache

Question asked by ext3h on Aug 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2020 by dorisyan

Observed this issue on two independent customer systems so far, one of them Windows 10, Radeon RX 460 and (probably) recent drivers.


We have a simple Win32 OpenGL application, plain OpenGL 4.2 context without extensions. It *may* have crashed close to shader compilation before, but we can't tell for sure.


On both customer systems, we faced a persistent, driver internal corruption when attempting to link the first shader of the application.


Output from `glGetProgramInfoLog`:


Fragment shader(s) failed to link.
Fragment link error: HW_UNSUPPORTED.
ERROR: Internal compile error, error code: E_SC_LITERAL_NOT_DEFINED
Shader not supported by HWWARNING: warning(#276) Symbol "color" usage doesn't match between two stages


In both cases a recovery was only possible by re-installing the driver package, thereby removing the cache.


In both cases, the same shader program could be linked without warnings afterwards.