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RX550 GPU fan is showing as 0 RPM in Radeon monitoring app

Question asked by anthonyzerillo on Aug 22, 2020
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Recently built a rig with various components, and after installing the various monitoring tools, I noticed that the GPU fan is showing as 0 RPM, even though it spins when I use GPU-intensive apps. I can also hear it spin, but it shows as 0 RPM.


All other fans, including Sys Fan and CPU fan are registering. 


Do I have to turn on something, or should it be set-up by default? Have I missed something?


Apologies is this topic already exists - I did do a search and could not find anything specific or related to my issue.






Monitoring app used:

Radeon Adrenalin 2020 v. 20.8.2 (latest)

Standard profile chosen



MSI B450M A Pro Max

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

Radeon RX550 4GB

32GB DDR4 RAM (Corsair)