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Weird Monitor flicker with 20.8.2 drivers when refresh rate set anything other than 60hz.

Question asked by cubano_2 on Aug 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2020 by eccentric

 Recently updated to drivers 20.8.2 for the support of MFS2020 and after a fresh install wiping my system clean with DDU there is this weird flicker that happens every two or five seconds when I have the refresh rate set at anything other than 60hz, tried two monitors and its the same problem , tried display port or HDMI and it has the same issue. Card is a rx 5700xt from xfx, going back to 20.4 or 20.5 drivers fixes the issue so its a driver problem for sure. The monitor is a Viotek and the other monitor i tested is a Samsung, when i have both monitors on even though the main monitor is set at 144hz and the other at 60 they both flicker at the same time.