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R5 3600 high temperature

Question asked by manu_b on Aug 19, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2020 by pokester

Update : It seems I found the reason and somewhat fixed the issue.

leaving this message here, if it might help others.


So I gave a try with the motherboard utility, instead of using the "deafult" profile, I used a "OC" profile that sets all core @ 3.8Ghz.

Now the idle temp is below 35C and the 100% load reaches 65C max (used Wprime on 12 threads and measured max temp with HWinfo and the Gigabyte utility). That seems quite reasonable.


So definitely the Gygabyte B550M-DS3H default Bios settings are wrong for the R5 3600.





Hello there,


I just installed a R5 3600 on a gigabyte B550M-DS3H and I'm worried about the temperature of the CPU.

I'm using the standard heatsink/fan provided with the boxed version.


It's quite stable at 40-45 @ IDLE (2-3% cpu usage), but almost immediately reaches 92-95C as soon as the load increase (80% and more).

Ambiant temp is around 25 to 30C.


I've already checked the heatsink mounting. Removed it and checked that the thermal paste was properly and evenly distributed on the cpu, that indicates the contact should be fine.

Also as soon as the load drops the temperatures decreases very quickly as well.

I re-installed the heatsink carefully and all screw are properly tight. No change.

I tried to modify the fan curve and even run it at 100% permanently. No change.

I tried to leave the case opened, does not change a bit.


I have no other compatible Heatsink to mount.


I'm a bit surprised the fan itself is not running that fast : 1923 RPM, when PWM is set at 100%, and not that noisy (I was expecting much more). Of course the Fan is attached to the proper CPU fan connector on the M/B.


I'm wondering if it's an issue with the FAN or the bios settings (I left on default non-overclocked bios profile, also updated the bios to latest version F2). Or maybe the CPU itself (but I'm doubting that as the idle temp is not that high, a bit higher that what it should be maybe, but not that much).


Also, candid question, the CPU frequency never drops below 3.6Ghz when @ IDLE, is this the expected behavior ?


I've not tried playing around with the cpu voltages settings, was considering to try lower the voltages, but I've no idea what to set to what...


Any help appreciated,