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Best Budget Cooler for ryzen 5 3600

Question asked by 74wajeeh on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2020 by pokester

I got ryzen 5 3600 few days ago. Since first boot i haven't seen temps below 50c and on full load it reachs 95c and throttles on stock cooler. I don't know how reviewers bragg about wraith stealth cooler in my opinion its worse then the intel's stock cooler i had i3 9100f before, never reaches 70c on stock cooler. But don't ask me if i am using stealth cooler right like i applied paste correctly or mounting it right because i checked it three times every thing is right. Anyway my questions is i want to throw the worse Wraith Stealth cooler and want to get a new one. So every one on internet suggesting Coolermaster Hyper 212. But this time its is not available in my country also it will not fit in my case (Masterbox mb500). But we do have Coolermaster H410r I just want to it run on stocks with PBO ON and don't want it to reach above 80. I live in a very hot place where my room temperature is 30c to 35c. Or i just have to wait and get an Aio liquid cooler. Please suggest me.


My Build:

Gigabyte aorus b450 pro wifi.

Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock Wraith Stealth)

32GB Adata 2666mhz ram

Amd Sapphire rx 570 4gb

Kingston 240 gb ssd.

Coolermaster Masterbox MB500 Case


Thanks in advance