Videos and streams are bland with washed out dull colors

Discussion created by rkovic17 on Aug 18, 2020
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So today i noticed for the first time that my videos on yt and streams on twitch are all white washed and bland when played. Theres like a white filter over them thats appears just as they start playing. When you reload them the picture is normal with colors, brightness etc. but as soon as they start like a second later this white filter(like brightness is turned up) appears and makes all the colors bland and dull and the blacks brighter instead of actual rich black color like they were normaly. It also happens when you tab back to the tab your video or stream is open in. Just as you click  the tab and the video appears its normal, but a split second later a white filter is appears. So i immediately suspected something changed in the radeon settings, spec the video profilles. So i went in and changed to every single one of them and they all display that white filter over videos or streams that are playing. This was never a problem, my video profile was always on default(so driver/system controlled) and i never had this problem. The only profile that worked was the "vivid" one but some streams had too saturated and bright colors so i found the "enhanced" setting to be the best. In my last attempt to try something, i went into chrome settings and disabled "Hardware acceleration" and lo and behold the white filter over videos that appears and makes the colors bland and dull, was completely gone. All video profiles in radeon software also didn't display the white filter. So disabling hardware acceleration in chrome seems to fix it. My only problem now is that i like to watch videos and streams when gaming on my second monitor, and since Hardware acceleration is now disabled in chrome there's more of a load on the CPU since that setting used to offload some load to the GPU. So now when i play some poorly optimized games, games that are CPU intensive i dont know if my performance would be affected as much? 

Anyone else has this issue?

Thank you.