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Flickering with Unreal Engine games

Question asked by icedk on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2020 by Earnhardt

I repeat, here too, because the support cares highly, and pretends nothing has happened.

It is possible that you "good engineers and great testers" have not noticed that, or you really don't want to understand that, from the Adrenalin driver version the "games" with the characteristic of being:

1 unreal engine 3

2 directx9

3 no-vsync

tend to have a annoying flickering in parts of the images with flashback colors?

You have thoroughly tested "the new" version of the drivers?

Because it is from the first adrenalin driver that this happens, so what?

A reply? The usual bullsh*t, it's the game or it's your hardware, it's this is that, but if I put the previous drivers back the problem doesn't show up, (1 + 1 the problem are the drivers), if i re-install any adrenalin version the problem reappears (
in every possible method, even with installation from scratch of the entire system and more than once with each updated version), a few bullsh*t, no you are reliable. :D