Display Port & HDMI Can't work Simultaneously

Discussion created by bigjosie on Aug 17, 2020

Hello, so I have an AOC 2460G4 and an old Dynex 24E150A11. The graphics card I am using is the Rx 580. My AOC is DP-DP and my Dynex is HDMI-HDMI.They have always worked as two monitors but recently only one of them can work at a time. For example I have both monitors plugged in right now and only the DP is working, even though on my screen resolution windows screen it shows my second monitor, but it's grayed out and unusable. If I were to unplug my DP, my hdmi monitor immediately turns on and starts working, and if I plug it back in, the display strictly goes back to the Display port. I can even use eyefinity to get both monitors to work at the same time, but still its because its putting the AOC at the main. I've tried switching drivers multiple times and I have no clue what is happening, thanks guys!