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Relive videos unplayable black screen

Question asked by jstblzdhvze on Aug 17, 2020


Been having this issue for about 3 weeks now. One day AMD software just stopped working with recordings.

I would take 30s instant replays and would get great file sizes and great quality. I guess good things come to an end eventually. Even if i record my desktop with no games playing, i get a black screen and if i hit the play button is does nothing. The black screen has no cursor showing, has no audio playing, nothing at all it seems like the file is a dud and smaller file size than average.

I have been searching online for weeks trying to find similar issues with solutions, unfortunately, i cannot find any solutions. I am hoping this forum will be of some help.

My specs:

Ryzen 7 3800x

Gigabyte rx 5700xt

gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi

1TB nvme

16 bg ram @3600

650W psu


Windows 10 pro installed, a few days ago i had completely wiped the PC clean and installed windows fresh. The problem seemed to have disappeared. Last night i got a windows update and today, no luck. Back to the same issue.