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Faulty GPU hardware - BSOD bootloop

Question asked by nishantpokle on Aug 15, 2020



I have HP pavilion g6 laptop with dedicated AMD Radeon 7600M graphics (2013 model). Recently, I started getting error such as display driver stopped and recovered from serious error. I tried updating drivers and windows from 8 to 10, but it didnt work.


Now if I do any interaction with GPU, such as reinstalling original driver/uninstalling catalyst control center etc, windows crash (inbetween installation process when hardware gets detected) and go into BSOD bootloop (driver stuck in bootloop).


I then login through safe mode and disable GPU from device manager and then Windows boot normally.


Is my GPU hardware faulty? as both new drivers as well as original drivers do not work for windows 8/windows 10 (permutation and combinations already done).