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Those having issues with your RX 5600XT drivers crashing.. is your GPU Dual Bios?

Question asked by awpii on Aug 15, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2020 by awpii

I've been having drivers issues for a while, even got to the point where I've been constantly exchanging mails with an AMD rep to find a solution, on a given time, the idea of updating the VBIOS of the GPU came to mind.. then it hit me..


There's people that have the issue and people that don't, but this doesn't depend on the make of the card, it could be MSI, ASUS, XFX or Sapphire.. doesn't make a difference..


So what's the only difference these cards can have if not the make? Dual VBIOS



If you're having issues, PLEASE:


1- Comment your card's make and model (specific model, must be the complete model)

2- Does it have dual BIOS?

3- What kind of issue do you have


Please, contribute to finding a possible solution!