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Dell s3220dgf rx 5700xt freesync flickering

Question asked by ntragas on Aug 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2020 by dragon0365
My Dell monitor is flickering really bad (brightness increasing/decreasing really fast) while gaming with Freesync enabled when i don't have steady fps. In Call of duty warzone, i get about 90-110 fps and the flickering occurs like every 10-20 secs. In games like forza horizon 4 the monitor is not flickering (maybe because it maintain 140+ fps).
I have connected the monitor both with display port and hdmi. the hdmi has less flickering, maybe because the monitor works at 144hz instead of 165.

I have read that i can lower the freesync range with CRU program to reduce flickering but when i try to change it, in Radeon Settings i cannot enable the Freesync option anymore it says that my monitor is not supported. I attached an image with the Freesync range which is the only option i changed. Funny thing is that if i revert it back to 48-144 i am still not able to enable Freesync until i run the  'reset-all.exe'. 

I am trying 3 days now to fix it but my knowledge on those things is pretty much 0.
Some say that this is how the Dell monito works and you can do nothing about it, others say that they fixed 
it with CRU.
Is there any way to at least disable Freesync and still have no visual tearing?