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Radeon r5 m330 drivers problem

Question asked by jep on Aug 14, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2020 by jep

Hello 2 month ago i installed drivers for my radeon r5 m330 (drivers version 17.7.1), and from this time some of games and apps just stop working and they only giving me pop up information about drivers problem " the graphic driver unexpectedly encountered a problem" is the content of the message. Rest of programs working normal or better.


It's HP Notebook 15-ac033nw btw

  • Processor Intel i3 4005u
  • Graphic cards radeon r5 m300 and integrated
  • Ram 4gb(SO-DIMM DDR3, 1333MHz)
  • Chipset Intel Lynx Point



  • Win 8.1