ram 3200 cl14 b-die cant reach 3600cl14

Discussion created by methox on Aug 14, 2020
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hi, for work cuestion I needed to buy 32 gigs of ram for a possible future expansion of another 32, my specifications are as follows


cpu: 3950x

ram:  gskill ddr4-3200 32gb (16gbx2) (b-die)

motherboard: aorus master x570

psu: EVGA supernova 1200 p2 80+ platinum


ram details with xmp profile:



Aida memory benchmark:


The memories are dual-rank and after a lot of reading I understand that ryzen has a hard time handling that due to IMC issues, here is my problem, I also like to play and I have tried to OC memory for months with different configurations, my goal It was always to leave them in 3600 cl14 which I have achieved on occasion but over time it becomes unstable, crash in games and others. I have thought about buying the new g skills 3800 cl14 that came out recently to the market and puts 4 sticks so it would have 32 gigabytes at least, do you think that the capacity of those 16x2 sticks is so limited because they are dual rank? any ideas about it? If you need more information you just have to ask for it, I try exporting the profile to dram calculator, safe, fast settings from forums even copying the timings of other models. I am somewhat frustrated with this, I could take refund for this sticks according to the advice you give me, Thank you